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In 2020 Allan and Yuko Nichols were visiting Edmonton with their daughter and decided to visit Allan’s old friend Ken at his new Ramen restaurant in Banff Alberta. Allan and Yuko were immediately blown away by the quality of the food. On the drive back to BC they stopped again for Ramen where Ken suggested opening a Ramen Arashi in Victoria.

Having just lost his job in hotels due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Allan had time and ambition to devote to this new project, and in just one year became one of the most talked about new restaurants in Victoria.

Without any previous experience in the restaurant industry, Allan and Yuko ran with this new venture and found both success and a passion for delivering fast, fresh and delicious food to their new found customers.

"I had worked in hotels, I know hospitality, but we didn’t have kitchen and serving experience. That wasn’t necessary though, none of the staff have worked in kitchens before, as there are no hard skills required for this. The menus have been designed so that anybody can do it without being an experienced cook."

The support for the new business by both Ramen Arashi and the community has been a rewarding and profitable venture.

"We set new records every few weeks, with more than 15 seating turnovers in a day and more than 300 bowls of Ramen served in a single day - it’s fantastic."

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Owning a Ramen Arashi gives franchisees the opportunity to be a part of a successful brand that focuses on a passion for serving delicious ramen and offering a great guest experience.

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