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  1. Expression of Interest Form

    Interested in owning a Ramen Arashi? Please fill out our Expression of Interest Form. This is a short form to discover your interest in Ramen Arashi and a little about you. Click Here to complete and submit.

  2. Phone Interview

    We will schedule a 10-15 minute call to speak to you about your interest in Ramen Arashi. You will then be asked to submit a short personal resume along with a business case. This is where you should 'sell' us on why you believe a Ramen Arashi restaurant will be successful in your area.

    After the call, we will send you a Non-Disclosure agreement which you will need to sign.

  3. Franchise Application

    After receiving the signed NDA, we will send you our 9 page Ramen Arashi Licensing brochure. You will have an opportunity to review it prior to our final interview.

    The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for you to ask any new questions about the information in the brochure.

  4. Corporate Review

    Upon completion, our Corporate team will review your Franchise Application form.

  5. Meeting With Our Corporate Support Team

    If your Franchise Application form is approved by our Corporate team, you will be contacted by Ramen Arashi to arrange a meeting with our Corporate Support Team. We will share our Operations Manual with you and review everything that will go into creating a successful Ramen Arashi restaurant.

  6. Questionaire, Background and Credit Check

    Following the meeting, you will complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be reviewed, and a background and credit check will subsequently be conducted. Upon return of the background and credit check results, we will inform you whether your application has been approved or denied.


    If approved, a Franchise Contract Document will be sent to you to be signed, at which time, the franchise fee is paid.

  8. Location

    Securing a location is the next step in this process. If a location has not already been selected, we will work with you to find the best option for your restaurant. Once a lease has been signed, the timeline is typically 120 days for planning, design, permitting and choosing a contractor, and another 120 days to construct the interior of the location. From the time a location is secured, it takes approximately 9-12 months until a Ramen Arashi is ready to open.

  9. Hiring Staff

    Approximately 3-4 months prior to the commencement of franchisee training, you will fill any necessary management positions and hire the required number of restaurant staff.

  10. Franchisee Training

    Before you open your Ramen Arashi franchise, we will ensure you are properly trained on our standards, procedures, recipes and operations. Ramen Arashi offers a comprehensive training program which you will undergo at our Victoria location. Training typically starts in conjunction with construction, which is approximately 90 days before opening. We offer up to three store management team members 1-3 weeks of one-on-one management training, followed by 1-3 weeks of on-site training and support when you open the doors to your very own Ramen Arashi franchise.

  11. Ongoing Support

    At Ramen Arashi, we base our success on our reputation, and we work hard to ensure all franchise locations are upholding this reputation as well. As we grow, we want to maintain consistency in our branding, food and service between stores. We have done everything our franchisees are doing firsthand, so we see ourselves as business consultants who strive to provide feedback that will make your restaurant location busier and better. We are always available for questions and requests from our franchisees.

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Owning a Ramen Arashi gives franchisees the opportunity to be a part of a successful brand that focuses on a passion for serving delicious ramen and offering a great guest experience.

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