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Ramen in Japan is not a 'trendy' form of dining, but rather a simple, delicious, blue-collar meal. Our intention is to bring this style of Ramen to the Canadian market. The Ramen Arashi menu has been developed to offer a true ramen experience, taking in the main variations from Japan. For North American customers and Japanese customers alike, we provide authentic Ramen favourites and authentic Japanese service culture as greetings are always called out, giving the guest a warm welcome and thank you.

overhead shot of ramenThe Ramen Arashi restaurants take advantage of the inherent benefits of Ramen: it is a popular, affordable and versatile dish that is well-suited for a widespread and consistent restaurant chain. Ramen Arashi has preparation refined to a repeatable science so that the quality and presentation are consistently high. Finally, Ramen is a popular street food and a “fast casual” dining option which is currently in trend. The popularity of affordable dining options looks to continue with rising inflation and a post-pandemic population that is eager to dine out.

During the first few years in business, founders Ken and Yuji worked tirelessly on their menu in hopes of enabling their business to be replicated in other locations. They sought to produce a “best of the best” menu that featured the popular regional variations of Ramen that exist in Japan. The first two restaurants opened and operated by Ken and Yuji have been extremely successful, leading to their enthusiasm to pursue a franchise model for their future endeavours.

The success of the Victoria franchise with Allan and Yuko during pandemic times serves as a wonderful "proof of concept" and the entire team at Ramen Arashi is happy to bring the enjoyment of authentic Japanese Ramen to a wider Canadian audience with each new restaurant.

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Owning a Ramen Arashi gives franchisees the opportunity to be a part of a successful brand that focuses on a passion for serving delicious ramen and offering a great guest experience.

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