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Banff - Ramen Arashi

The original Ramen Arashi was a passion project for Ken and Yuji, the founders of the franchise. Ken noticed that there were very few Ramen shops in Canada that were true to the Japanese experience and seeing that there was a hunger for not only great ramen but also that authentic experience, he returned to Japan to get some training in how to make Ramen.

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Canmore - Ramen Arashi

Encouraged by the success of the Banff restaurant, Ken and Yuji wanted to see if an exact replica of the concept would yield similar results. It was an amazing success from the very beginning.

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Victoria - Ramen Arashi

The first Ramen Arashi outside of the Banff/Canmore area proved the winning formula. The experience of Ken and Yuji was passed down to the enthusiastic new business owners and ensured success from the very beginning.

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Kelowna - Ramen Arashi

In the heart of Kelowna, a culinary revolution is taking place. Spearheading this revolution is Ryota Okada, the first employee franchisee of Ramen Arashi, who proudly brings his culture to his new neighbors through the universal language of food.

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Calgary - Ramen Arashi

Ramen Arashi is excited to announce the opening of its fifth location in Calgary, Alberta. This milestone marks the third Ramen Arashi in Alberta and the first in a city of over a million. Ramen Arashi founder Kentaro Seki will be overseeing the establishment of the new location with several experienced members of his current staff.

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